Fast bowling is the greatest spectacle in world cricket. It’s the x-factor of the sport and anyone who has bowled fast will tell you that it’s an addiction. We love fast bowling and everything we do stems from our passion for pace.


Theories come and go, but experience lasts forever. Every fast bowler has their own unique journey. Our vision for Pace Journal is to become the most credible source of fast bowling in the world; by speaking to fast bowlers, technical coaches and fitness trainers from past and present generations - we’re able to collect a wide variety of opinions, experiences and wisdom.

This is why we call it a Journal.


Our content is distributed across all digital platforms to over 1.2 million people in over 45 countries. Our audience consists of young children, coaches, parents, professional cricketers and global T20 player scouts.

Each interview cuts to the chase, uncovering unique and practical insights. We aim for each show to become a fast bowling lesson that every cricketer (amateur or pro) can apply to their game. With such rapid growth, Pace Journal is quickly becoming the go-to place for all information related to fast bowling.


The host, Shahbaz Choudhry, believes that there is no one size fits all model to bowling fast and his quest into learning the art of fast bowling has seen him travel the globe. He has worked closely with world-renowned fast bowling coaches, Ian Pont and Kevin Shine, world-renowned strength and conditioning coaches, Ruben Tabares and Peter Marcasciano. He has also ventured out from the borders of cricket to work with Tersues Liebenberg, a coach who has trained the current javelin world record holder, Jan Zelezny.

Pace Journal is like having the finest fast bowlers and coaches in your phonebook. Just tune in and get better!