#64 - What precautions should I take while bowling and fielding if my shoulder is hurting?


What precautions should I take while bowling and fielding if my shoulder is hurting?



It’s common knowledge that all athletes are never 100% fit and always carrying some sort of niggle or issue. Part of being an athlete is being able to manage such small issues. The fact that you’re asking this question tells me that you’re looking for a way to manage and stay on the field – well done. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you don’t have a serious injury. I guess this comes down to knowing your body or consulting with a physio or doctor.

I would say that you need to have an extensive warm up to make sure you are completely warm and ready to go. I would introduce some isometric holds (using a resistance band) to get as much blood into the upper body and shoulder area. And lastly, I would build up my bowling incrementally in the warm-up. Start from static, then a few paces, then jog in a bit more and then finally run in from your full run up – take your time with this, you’re basically in risk management mode so you have to be precise with your movements.

Think of driving on a normal road compared to driving when it’s snowing – you just have to be extra careful.

In terms of the field, I would communicate with my captain and let him or her know that I’m managing a little niggle and would appreciate not having to throw from 70m out on the boundary! Chances are that they’ll understand and place you in a position that doesn’t require excessive use of your shoulder.

I hope that helps my friend.

All the best.

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