#58 - Is pace natural or can you increase it by working on it?


Is pace natural or can you increase it by working on it?



Really good question.

There are so many different opinions on pace. Opinions can be debated, but facts can’t.

Chris Woakes came into the game bowling mid to high 70’s, he then went on to bowl around mid to high 80’s – which I would say is a pretty significant increase in speed!

Jofra Archer is another example. He was bowling in the 80’s when he debuted for Sussex and recently he’s been hitting the 150kph mark!

Imran Khan is another famous example – he was ridiculed for being ‘military medium’ – he then went away and came back as a genuine fast bowler.

So my honest answer to you is that I believe it is possible to increase your pace but it isn’t easy!

I hope that helps.

All the best.

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