#69 - I’m a left-handed bowler, how can I swing the ball back into a right-handed batsman?


I’m a left handed bowler, how can I swing the ball back into a right handed batsman?



Great question. There are a few variables to swing such as wrist position, wrist control and body angle. We spoke to Tom Barber, a left-arm fast bowler from England who can bowl more than 145kph – he told us that he tried to get more side-on to help him swing the ball back into a right-handed batsman. What Tom effectively did is adjust the angle of his body to help him manipulate the path of the ball.

As well as your body, you can also use the crease to adjust your angle; getting close to the stumps or wide of the crease etc. However, please note that using the crease is a great weapon but it might become obvious to the batsman as it’s a lot more noticeable than subtle changes in your wrist position.

My advice to you would be to get in the nets and practice. Honestly, swing is an art and no art is easy to master. It takes an incredible amount of hard work and commitment. Work on maintaining your wrist position, work on using the crease and work on adjusting the angle of your body through your action. Until you try different things, you won’t know what the best method for you is.

 I hope that helps. 

All the best.

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