#72 - I’m 5’5, can I become a fast bowler?


I’m 5’5, can I become a fast bowler?



There’s a huge misunderstanding that you need to be tall to be a fast bowler. History shows that the fastest bowlers haven’t always been ‘tall’.

Tino Best, Fidel Edwards, Dale Steyn, Malcolm Marshall (RIP) and Chris Jordan are just a few examples of bowlers with pace that are under 6 feet. Although long levers are desirable in fast bowlers, they’re not everything.

The way I look at it, if you have a disadvantage in terms of height, you must work on negating that disadvantage by working on things within your control; your technique, your attitude, mindset and your fitness.

You don’t have the advantage of long levers, so make sure your action is as efficient as possible so you’re squeezing all the potential pace out of your body. Work on your fitness so you’re as fit, strong and fast as possible. Work on the mental side of your game; Tino Best has described this perfectly in his podcast with us – fast bowling is an attitude.

Develop that fast bowling instinct and desire to bowl fast; you’ll be surprised how much of an impact your mindset can have on your game and ability to bowl quick.

I hope that helps.

All the best.

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