#59 - How many sprints can we do in a day and how many rounds of the ground is enough?


How many sprints can we do in a day and how many rounds of the ground is enough?



Great question. As young, ambitious athletes, we want to do more and more but you must remember that quality of training is far more important than quantity.

Sprints are a very high intensity activity and therefore taxes your CNS (central nervous system) quite heavily. You must be fresh and well rested before a sprint session otherwise you will not get the desired stimulus that you are looking for. In fact, if you try and do high intensity exercise when your nervous system is flat – you risk doing more harm than good.

Remember, you’re looking for quality – 6 high-quality sprints are far better than 20 average sprints. It’s hard to say how many you should be doing – the best thing I can say here is to focus on quality. If you’re feeling flat or fatigued.. STOP!

It’s also important to remember that you must take long rest between sprints, your body needs time to replenish ATP. There is NO point trying to do sprint work when you’re shattered!

When you say “rounds of the ground”, I guess you’re talking about endurance running. Again, quality of training is very important. Never train speed and endurance on the same day – it’s counter-productive!

Without knowing what your base endurance threshold is, I can’t really comment on how many rounds are sufficient for you. What I will say is that there are many different types of running drills that you can do such as rounds of the grounds, interval shuttles between cones or curved running.

Remember to always build up your loads incrementally; don’t run before you can walk.

We spoke to Middlesex fast bowler, Tom Barber, about endurance running and he mentioned a great running drill that he’s been doing:

1. Set up 2 cones 20 metres apart

2. Run from one cone to the other – you have 7 seconds to get there

3. Jog back to the starting cone

4. Repeat 6 times (1 over)

5. Rest and do another set of 6 reps

Tom told us that in-season, he would do about 4 sets of 6 to keep on top of his running loads.Please look out for that podcast coming out in a few weeks.

I hope that helps.

All the best.

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