#68 - How important is shin lead for fast bowling, how does it contribute to speed?


How important is shin lead for fast bowling, how does it contribute to speed?


Great question.

Shin lead is basically the transition from the point you take off (jump) till the point your back-foot lands in the crease. The benefit of a ‘shin lead’ is that it allows your lower body to stay ahead of your upper body as your back-foot lands in the crease.

Why is this important? 

If you’re looking for maximum speed, you need to utilise and exhaust every part of your body in the delivery action; from the foot, ankle, knee, quad, hip, trunk, chest, shoulder, arm, wrist and fingers etc – this is called a ‘kinetic chain’. The shin lead allows you to begin your bowling action with the correct kinetic sequence – LOWER BODY FIRST. 

If your upper body starts to ‘creep’ ahead of your lower body too soon, you’ll disrupt the kinetic chain and you won’t be able to get maximum output from every part of your body. Ever heard of bowlers talking about a delay? Allowing your muscles to stretch through the correct kinetic chain is the science behind the ‘delay’.

However, there are many bowlers who don’t bowl with perfect sequencing but still reach high speeds. Shin lead is a great thing to work on – but don’t fixate on it till the point that it becomes a hindrance. Before anything else, feeling is the most important element to bowling.

I hope that helps.

All the best.

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