#5 - How do you shorten the delivery stride?


How do you shorten the delivery stride?


Hey Shreepad,

This is a very interesting question. All fast bowlers should aim to achieve an optimum delivery stride. The length of your delivery stride will represent the path of acceleration your hips have in the crease. The focal word here is, ‘OPTIMUM’.

You don’t want to have a stride that’s so big that you struggle to drive out of the crease and you don’t want to have a stride that’s so short that you don’t give your body enough time to really set itself for an explosive release.

The fact that you’re asking about shortening your stride would suggest to me that you’re currently over-striding. Over-striding can be caused by several things such as:

1. Reaching for the crease – when you’re focusing on where you land instead of where you want to bowl, you can reach for the crease with the lower half.

2. Trying to force your body through the crease – when you try and exert force in the crease, you can end up over-exerting your muscles which result in an over-stride position.

My advice would be to focus on rhythm, balance and co-ordination in the crease. Try to be fluid and let your action unfold naturally. The only time you need to exert force is when your front foot lands and you want to fire the ball down. Everything before that front foot lands should be fluid and smooth!

All the best.

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