#34 - How do I bowl fast while pitching the ball up?


How do I bowl fast while pitching the ball up?


Hey Abhijeet,

We’ve spoken about this in the past. I’d like to compare fast bowling to something like darts, we don’t stand there statically and hit a target; we run in from distance and hurl a ball with our entire body. This requires a deep understanding of coordination and timing in our bowling action.

Put simply, if you release the ball too early, you’ll bowl too full. If you release the ball too late, you’ll bowl too short. Pitching the ball full is all about releasing the ball slightly earlier than what you would do when hitting a ‘good’ length.

The best way to understand timing in your action is all about repetition. Get in the middle and practice – the more you practice hitting a target, the easier it will become for you. With practice, comes experience.

In terms of bowling fast – Tino Best said it perfectly in this podcast: https://pacejournal.co/podcast/fast-bowling-is-an-attitude

Fast bowling is an attitude. You must want to bowl fast and be willing to take the stresses that come with it!

I hope that helps.

All the best.

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