#79 - How can I stay motivated every day?


How can I stay motivated every day?



This is a great question and one that many cricketers don’t know they need to address.

Passion is a blessing, but when it becomes a complete obsession, it can become unhealthy. As aspiring cricketers, all we dream about is success and improvement; that’s a great mentality but you must remember that your mind is like the rest of your body and being switched on at all times isn’t a good idea.

Treat your brain like a muscle; LET IT REST. If you’re constantly thinking about cricket 24/7, you’ll inherently get ‘sick’ of it. It’s important not to confuse obsession with passion. Passion is when you do something and ENJOY it but obsession can produce a negative response.

Scenario 1: A amateur bowler has a bad game. All he thinks about during and after the game is how bad he bowled and how nothing went to the plan. He can’t stop beating himself up about it. When it’s time for his next game, the thoughts of his previous game are still in his head and his confidence is low, he has another bad game because he can’t snap out a negative mindset. In this scenario, the bowler is obsessed and can’t let go. 

Scenario 2: A professional bowler has a bad game. He reviews why things didn’t go to plan after the game and keeps a mental note of what he’s going to do differently next time and then forgets about it. He spends time with his friends and watches a movie and doesn’t think twice about the bad game. When it’s time for his next game, he remembers the mental note of what he needs to focus on, his performance improves and he’s back to winning ways and performing again. In this scenario, the bowler was smart with his analysis and then let go and returned with a positive attitude.

It means that the saying, “there’s a thin line between love and hate” isn’t famous for no reason. If you love something so much, it’s very easy for that love to become hate. Don’t put your career in that state because of your inability to balance your life and your game.

Like we always say; balance is the key. It’s great to concentrate, train and play hard but the second you leave the nets, the gym or the playing field, you need to learn how to switch off and let your mind refresh and recover. When you’re playing the game, be the most passionate player you can possibly be; but when you walk off the pitch, leave the ‘cricketer’ alone.

Explore different hobbies. Read books. Travel. Watch TV. Socialise. Spend time with your family. Anything! Just give your mind a break. Learn the art of switching on and switching off and you’ll find that you’ll be a lot happier and your performances will be consistent. Never forget that cricket is a game and games are meant to be enjoyed. You play your best when you’re having fun.

I hope that helps. 

All the best.

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