How Doing the High Jump Helped me Bowl Fast - Tino Best

In this episode, Tino Best talks about his love for the high jump in school and how it helped him with his run-up. He also discusses the importance of preparation and stretching to avoid a tight back. Tino goes on to explain how fitness, nutrition and training is a lifestyle and he gives examples of how you can plan your training schedule. He also stresses the importance of sacrifices and how he uses disappointment as fuel to push him further.

I think the first thing that any young fast bowler needs to learn is a good, solid run-up.
— Tino Best
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Tino Best is one of the fastest bowlers the game has ever seen. Born in Barbados, Tino represented the West Indies in both One Day and Test formats for over a decade. At his peak, Tino has reached high speeds over 95mph and is known for his exciting, flamboyant and energetic presence on a cricket pitch.

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