My New Run Up is Reducing my Risk of Injury - Zak Chappell


We speak to 6’6, Nottinghamshire CCC and England Lions fast bowler, Zak Chappell.

This episode is packed with incredible insight and expert tips that has helped Zak achieve great success in his blossoming career.

We spoke about the keys which are important for Zak to generate speed.

He also spoke to us in detail about the work that he did on the ECB Pace Programme last Winter and how important it was for him to increase the speed of his run up in order to reduce the amount of force that goes through his body to prevent injuries.

If you have any questions about your run up or if you’re currently experiencing any issues with it, this episode is an absolute must for you to listen to.

Zak also provides some fascinating insights on the technical changes that he made to his action. He had a bit of dilemma; he told us that his round arm style of bowling was important for him to generate sped but it also resulted in him getting two side strains so he had to make subtle changes to make his action safer but at the same time he had to be careful to not disturb his natural attributes that helped him generate his pace.

If you’re looking to make any changes to your action, Zak covers a lot of the truths behind the after-effects of technical work, how long it takes for you to see results and the challenges that you’ll face along the way.

It’s a lot easier to bowl when the ball is swinging, seaming or bouncing. You can get away with stuff. But bowling in tough conditions really woke me up to what international cricket may be like.
— Zak Chappell


Zak is one of the most exciting prospects in the country, standing tall at 6ft6 with the ability to reach the 145kph mark. He’s had an amazing 12 months which has seen him take his career best figures in first class cricket and since we recorded this episode he’s gone on to sign a professional contract with Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club as well as being selected for the England Lions.

Earlier this month, he made his debut for England Lions against India A




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