From Baseball to Bowling 150kph - Aaron Summers

In this episode, Aaron speaks about the transition from baseball to cricket, the challenges he faced along the way and how he overcame them. He goes on to describe where he believes his pace comes from and how different bowlers generate speed in their own unique ways. We close the show by discussing some unique characteristics of Aaron’s game such as the reason he chose to bowl in customised basketball boots to avoid his ankle injuries, why he has longer spikes in landing boot and why he made a small increase to the length of his run up.

The benefit of having the arm speed and shoulder muscles that I’ve built from baseball have certainly helped. I think my arm moves quicker and produces more energy and force than most peoples does.
— Aaron Summers


Aaron Summers is one of the most exciting fast bowlers in Australia. Hailing from a softball/baseball background, Aaron turned to fast bowling in his teenage years and quickly realised it was his calling. The hype around Summers started to emerge during the 2017 NT Strike League and the rumours were confirmed once he clocked speeds in excess of 150kph in his Big Bash debut for Hobart Hurricanes later that year.




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