Fast Bowling & Confidence - Ishant Sharma


In this episode, we spoke to Ishant Sharma during India’s 2018 series in England where Ishant played a major role for India as their leading wicket taker in the Test Series.

Ishant spoke about the importance of keeping things simple and not setting your goals too high in order to avoid placing unnecessary pressure and expectations upon yourself.

He goes on to recall his early days in first class cricket and makes an incredible admission that he wasn’t actually that ‘fast’ when he began professional cricket. Ishant spoke about how his pace increased and what he did to develop his signature rhythmical run-up.

He also spoke the importance of weight training and shared his approach to running, gym training and recovery work before giving us a breakdown of what a typical training week would look like for him.

Ishant also goes into detail about what really happened when he returned from injury and was heavily criticised for losing his pace and zip.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this is a breath-taking interview packed with insight, tips and wisdom from one of India’s most successful fast bowlers.

I want to enjoy every day that I’m on the field. If you think too much about the future, you will end up thinking about the result and you won’t enjoy the process. Enjoying the process is the most important thing.
— Ishant Sharma


Ishant Sharma burst onto the international scene after only six months of First-Class cricket. At 6’4, he was one of the first bowlers to come out of India with genuine pace and hostility. Being hailed by Australian legend, Steve Waugh as, “the next best thing in Indian cricket”.

He saw extreme highs out in Australia where he bowled a memorable spell reaching the 150kph mark before experiencing extreme lows where he was ousted from the International team with question marks over his pace. However, Ishant continued to persist and battled his way back into the Test team and revived his career. Ishant stands firmly as India’s 6th highest Test wicket taker with 267 Test scalps and 115 ODI victims to his name.





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